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Molecular gastronomy kit

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This molecular gastronomy kit from MMTUM Shop will give you everything you need to start molecular cooking at home and D.I.Y. style. What is molecular gastronomy? I'm glad you ask, molecular gastronomy is a food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur when cooking. So let's say this would be perfect for foodies, geeks or people that love D.I.Y. projects.


The content of the kit : 

  • 5 sachets / net 10g - Agar-agar
  • 5 sachets / net 25g - Calcium Lactate
  • 5 sachets / net 10g - Sodium Alginate
  • 5 sachets / net 10g - Soy Lecithin
  • 3 pipettes
  • 1 slotted spoon
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • 1 food grade syringe
  • 2 silicone tubes
  • 1 silicone mold
  • recipe and introduction book

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