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Why Giftideas.ca?

Here’s another question to answer this, why is it so hard to find original gift ideas?

Every anniversary, every Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s day, the same problem arises: having no idea what to offer to someone & lacking inspiration when comes the time to find unique & uncommon gifts to buy. We also now know that buying local is a good way to help the environment, our country’s finances and even our planet.. We want to combine all solutions under one roof: our Canadian gift ideas website

Giftideas.ca’s mission

We gave ourselves the mission to help you find the perfect gift by simplifying your gift shopping experience, giving you tons of relevant suggestions and even making the experience of finding and buying your gifts enjoyable. We do so by offering you an easy-to-use website loaded with original gift idea suggestions from our partner shops. Discover unique products from Canadian businesses, while reducing shopping shopping time. Find all your gifts here under one roof, then buy them easily on the online stores of our local merchants!

Why buy local & online?

We are hearing more and more about the importance of buying local. It helps support Canadian online stores and our hard-working businesses, puts money back into Canada’s economy and reduces the ecological footprint left by long parcel shipments. Buying locally & online therefore encourages our merchants from Canada and saves us from having to go to the store and wait in line.

We also now know that buying local is a good way to help the environment and our planet. We want to combine both solutions under one roof: our website. 

Who’s behind Giftideas.ca?

A local company, made up of passionate people who want to help you with your gift buying. We scour the web to find Canadian companies that stand out, and then we show you with their most unique gifts, available on their online stores to be purchased safely on their secured website.

A question, a comment?

We LOVE hearing from you! Feel free to drop us a line, either via the chat box on the site (bottom right), our Facebook page or our contact form. We love to help you!

Happy gift shopping to all,
The Giftideas.ca team

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