FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I can’t pass my order on your site, is it normal?

Yes, it’s normal, because the purchase does not happen on our site per se.

Even though you can browse and shop many gift ideas on our site, when you’re ready to buy, you ultimately have to click on the buy link inside a gift idea to arrive at our partner’s eCommerce shop.

You will then be able to pass your order on their website.

Is there a gift card that can be bought and offered to be used on Giftideas.ca?

That’s a very good question! Since there is no payment step on our site, it is not possible, at least for the moment, to have a Giftideas.ca gift card that would work to buy any gift shown on our site.

Said differently, since there is no payment step on Giftideas.ca, it is unfortunately not possible to offer a gift card that would be used to pay for the gift, because there is no payment happening on this very site.

However, there is a solution: offer a prepaid Vanilla Visa or Mastercard as a gift and add a note with the gift that invites the person to use Giftideas.ca to browse through our gift ideas and find the perfect gift, which he can then buy with his prepaid card as if it were a credit card.

Can I include a message with my gift or have it delivered on a specific date?

Most of the time, yes. 

During the process of ordering your gift online on our partner’s website, pay attention to a Notes or Comments field. If there is one, simply state your message or your preferred delivery there. 

If there’s no such field, after you have passed your order, contact this shop directly with your order ID and let them know these preferences. They will most likely try to accommodate you.

Who are you?

We’re a young team of dedicated people with one passion in mind: finding the best gift ideas for YOU. We crawl the web daily in a quest to find the most unique and original gift suggestions at a great price. We then pick the best ideas and display them on giftideas.ca This way, you find something original while saving time AND money. Simply said, we do the research part of the work for you!

Why is there a price difference between your website and the one on which we can buy the products?

We try our best to keep the prices as updated as possible. If you ever encounter a price that is not in sync with the website we’re suggesting to you, please tell us using our contact form. Thanks!

Why should we use your site?

It’s simple! We just want to simplify your life. Have a gift to make, but no idea? Look no further! Browse through our gift idea suggestions and inspire yourself!

Is it safe to buy online through your website?

Absolutely! We promote websites that are established and that are secure to buy from.

I have or know a great online shop. How can I suggest it to the Giftideas.ca team?

It’s definitely possible! Please contact us!

How does the shipping work?

It depends on the website that has the gift idea available for sale. Please verify for each website to make sure you know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

How do you guys make money?

Sometimes, the gift idea that we suggest will refer you to the website where you can actually do the purchase through an affiliate link. If you end up buying the product, we get a small percentage of that sale. Rest assured that there is basically no difference for you if you pass through an affiliate link or not before being. You will not pay higher because you passed through an affiliate link. The % we get is taken from the price of the item sold.

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