18 Must-Have Baby Gifts: Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for must-have baby gifts for a baby shower or simply for the birth of a newborn? Take a look at our selection of 18 gifts for newborn babies in your life (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). All gift ideas come from Canadian companies, and many products are made right here in Canada. Several provinces are featured.

Baby gifts can sometimes be difficult to choose from, as there are so many products on the market. That’s why we’ve come up with 18 gift ideas for newborns and baby showers!

Perfect Baby Gifts for a Baby Shower

1. Baby Wool Slippers

Offer a baby these beautiful slippers, crocheted in Canada. They’re made from Peruvian sheep’s wool and the sole is genuine leather. They’re an adorable gift, perfect for babies between 6 months and 1 year.

Slippers to offer as baby gift


2. First Year Blanket for Babies

This little baby blanket will be perfect for taking photos every month of baby’s first year of life. The blanket includes cards indicating the number of months. It’s a great gift for parents who want to photograph their child’s progress every month.

First year blanket for babies

$29,95 $24,95

3. Baby Soothing Skin Ointment

This beautiful baby ointment is made from healthy ingredients to soothe the skin of many types of irritation. It can be used in all circumstances, that’s the beauty of this product! A beautiful New Brunswick product to give a baby as a gift.


4. Hands-Free Towl for Baby & Toddler

Give parents (and baby) the perfect bath Hands-Free towel as a gift. It’s convenient when taking baby out of the bath. It’s a practical gift that can be used for years to come. Beautifully made in British Columbia!


5. Surprise Baby Box

This surprise baby gift box is ideal if you don’t know what to give the newborn, or if parents don’t have gift lists. It’s a great way to surprise both new parents and the new baby! The company offers to make a gift box for the value you specify (between $100 and $500). And you can also choose a girl’s box, a boy’s box, a gender-neutral box or a box for baby and mommy. This is the perfect box for a baby shower!

This surprise baby box contain several baby gifts

From $100,00

6. Puppy Puppet

This beautiful Canadian-made hand puppet is a great entertainment for babies and toddlers! It can be used as a distraction during diaper changes for example or to stimulate baby’s awakening.


7. Nursing Pillow with Buckwheat Husk

A buckwheat nursing pillow is a wonderful gift for a new mother around you. It’s ideal for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, as a support for sitting baby or as a body pillow. Several patterns are available and it’s all made right here in Canada with Canadian buckwheat.

Buckwheat nursing pillow for mom and baby


8. Silicone Teether ring

Every baby needs a Teether Ring, so it’s always a good gift for new parents. This silicon teething ring in the shape of a giraffe is very cute and will give baby’s gums a feeling of softness.


9. Cloth Wipes for Babies – 6 Packs

These baby wipes are perfect for bath time and general baby care. Made from flannel, they are highly absorbent and very soft. Several patterns are available. They’re a practical gift that’s sure to come in handy.


10. Lapinou White Bunny

This little white bunny for baby can be used as a comforting blankie as well as a stuffed toy. It has a very soft bamboo velour texture. Lapinou is sure to find his best friend!


11. All About Baby Box

This beautiful baby box includes all the essentials. The box includes a bear silicone teething ring, a baby balm diapering salve, a swaddling blanket, cotton washcloths and a little bunny rattle. All from Canadian companies.

All about baby box includes many baby gifts


12. Musical Teddy Bear

Give a special gift to a newborn baby. This musical teddy bear makes a lovely, original gift. Thanks to the classical music he plays, your child will be able to fall asleep, relax or comfort himself in complete serenity. It’s a real gem from Canadian company MOKA to discover.

Musical teddy bear Moka


13. Bath Swaddle – 2 Pack

Offer a lesser-known and common gift to new parents for their baby’s well-being. This bath swaddle is perfect for offering comfort and reassurance to the newborn. It gives them a sense of security and warmth, and evokes the inside of mom’s belly. It’s also perfect for keeping baby from getting too cold at bath time.


14. Set for Baby & Mommy

If you ever want to spoil mom and baby at the same time, give this set for both of them. All products are made right here in Canada.

Set for newborn with many baby gifts


15. Baby Pyjama

New parents always need little pyjamas for baby. It’s rare for newborns to wear dressy clothes, they’re often more comfortable in pyjamas. It’s easier to change and clean!

Baby Pyjama


16. Essentials Box for Baby

This box contains all your baby’s essentials. You’ll find a moisturizing lotion, a gentle soap, a bum balm, a washcloth and a beautiful blankie.

Baby Box with essentials


17. Mr. Tsé-Tsé – Baby Comforter

This baby comforter is absolutely adorable and made in Canada. His name is Mr. Tsé-Tsé and he lives in a beautiful little cardboard box. What’s more, it’s made from organic cotton. A great gift for baby.


18. Lolo & Me Kit

LOLO products are made in Canada with natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil. The LOLO product collection is very gentle for both babies and moms. The kit includes 3 essential products to have on hand when a baby is born.


*Prices are subject to change without notice

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