20 Best Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is a time to celebrate the Moms who are there for us, who take care of us, nurture us and show us unconditional love along with an endless list of incredible things they do for us throughout our lives. This Mother’s day, why not treat your Mom to a special gift to show them you appreciate everything they do, after all they deserve it!

We have put together a list of 20 thoughtful gift ideas that are a fantastic way for you to show your Mom you are thankful for her.

Best Gift for Mom

1. Cranberry Face Duo

There is no better gift than self-care and this Cranberry face duo with cranberry extract and antioxidants will leave your Mom’s skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Mother's day gift ideas


2. Say Yes to the Mess Sweatshirt – New moms favorite

This super comfy sweatshirt is a great reminder that everyone is allowed to have a chill day and embrace the messy lifestyle especially our Mom’s! Definitely, this is the perfect cozy item to have on hand for those chill days.

Sweatshirt say yes to the mess for mother's day


3. Fresh Cut Flowers – spice blend and salts set

A great set to gift those who love to get creative in the kitchen! Inspired by the scents and aromas of the garden, the Fresh Cut Flowers spices and salts set will open up a new world of recipes to be explored and enjoyed.

Spices blend for Mother's day


4. Trio of Candles – Gift Set

It’s true when they say you can never have too many candles. Candle lovers will be so excited to receive this trio of chill, classic and cozy soy candles that are carefully crafted with beautiful fragrances which leave the home smelling amazing!

Candles gift set for mother's day


5. Souk of Damascus – cooking gift set

If your Mom absolutely LOVES to try new recipes then this set is perfect! The complete set by Les Filles Fattoush is made up of delicious gourmet spices and blends inspired by the stalls of the Souk of Damascus. Each item has been carefully selected to bring your senses on a taste discovery of so many sensational flavours.

Cooking set souk of damascus


6. Gift box for her

The Woman box is the perfect way for the woman in your life (or your mom) to spend an evening relaxing into some well deserved self-care. This is a really wonderful gift for a mom who deserve some me-time.


7. Honey Bundle

A sweet treat like no other, the Honey Bundle by Chandler Honey is packed with 3 different flavourful organic honey blends and it even has a loose leaf tea to enjoy too. A lovely gift to give your Mom for those moments of calm to enjoy something sweet, luxurious and tasty!

Canadian honey bundle


8. Blanket – Canyon

The Canyon Blanket from Canadian company Go-Van is the perfect size to have on your travels/camping or even in the home for those chill days. Your Mom will always be warm with this blanket on hand!


9. Custom Facial Oil

A customisable facial oil chosen by you making this a really personable skin-care gift. These oils are a great addition to any daily skin-care routine and a wonderful way to remind the Mom in your life to have some well deserved ‘me-time’.


10. Espresso Gift Set for your favorite mother

Is your Mom a coffee lover? then this Espresso gift box is her dream! Packed with all of the coffee goodness you could ever imagine and more, the Espresso box comes with sweet treats and a delicious coffee blend.


11. Tote bag embroidery kit

Perfect for those crafting and DIY days, this tote bag embroidery kit has everything your Mom needs to embroider her very own wildflower design tote bag.


12. Nail Polish Trio

This Nail Polish set from BKIND is made up of 3 beautiful and classic timeless shades. These nail polishes are perfect for an at home pampering day!


13. Cat Routine Art Print

An ideal art print for a crazy cat lover mom of your entourage. It shows the favorite positions and routines of our beloved cats.

From $18.00

14. Retro Push Phone

The 746 Push Phone is not only fully functional but will absolutely bring a nostalgic air to anyones home decor with it’s vintage aesthetic.


15. Mom’s Moments – Gift Box

If anyone deserves a nice and calm moment, it’s the your Mom! Or perhaps you have a loved one who has just become a new Mom and could really use a lovely pick-me-up this Mother’s Day! This bath soak, yerba maté, shower streamer, lip balm and some rainbow beach glass soap combo will be well received.


16. Matcha Set

This beautifully designed Matcha set is the perfect gift for those who love matcha or even for those trying it for the first time!

Matcha set for mother's day


17. Makeup remover pads – reusable

These reusable makeup remover pads are a great gift for those who like to live an eco-friendly life! The soft pads are made with Bamboo fibres meaning they are good for both the skin and the environment!

Moms new favorite makeup remover pads


18. S’mores Roaster Fire Bowl

You don’t have to go camping or have a firepit in your backyard to enjoy good Smores! This Fire Bowl will allow your mom to roast marshmallows at home on the balcony or in the living room. The comfort of home for s’mores, no need to face the mosquitoes!


19. Tea infusion gift box

For those days when your Mom needs time to relax and unwind, this special set has 3 different teas to choose from and even included is a tea infuser to ensure just the right taste!


20. Colouring tablecloth – Mandala

Lastly, this Mandala design colouring tablecloth from BiMoo is a fantastic creative activity to help with relaxation and stress-relief. Colouring is well known to be a very calming art task for all to enjoy when they can. 

Mandala tablecloth for mother's day


For more Mother’s Day gift inspiration head to our Mother’s day gift guide or visit our Gift for Women category to help you find something really amazing for your Mom.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Mother’s day filled with love and special moments.

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