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Eco-friendly Upside-down Heart Necklace – Special edition

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The upside down heart necklace is a very nice gift to give to a woman of your entourage. This one has two colors (your choice). One of the two parts is a natural stone. Authenticity, self-esteem and softness are attributes that you should give yourself. The Coeur-à-l'envers collection (from Quebec-based Cinderella Garbage) is a constant reminder of this, with the heart directed at the wearer.

The company's jewelry is made from waste materials that have been vitrified to make true luxury jewelry. This waste is compressed and melted at very high temperatures and then crystallized. Everything organic disintegrates and what remains is carbon and minerals that become a stone, as hard as quartz. It's a small ecological footprint with a second life. Cinderella Garbage, it's a beautiful meaning and a beautiful philosophy.


  • The size of the heart can vary between 9 X 12 mm and 12 X 18 mm
  • The length of the chain is 24 inches
  • Limited edition
  • Other variations are possible
  • The stone (Cinderlite) is a synthetic material resulting from an industrial process
  • Each heart is unique (facets and color)
  • The color can vary from dark green to charcoal gray
  • Handmade
  • 7 to 10 working days for production

Cinderella Garbage

Cinderella Garbage creates jewelry from compressed and vitrified waste using the pyrogenesis process. An intelligent and practical way to use the waste we produce.

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