10 Gift ideas for the mystical person in your life!

 By Nancy   •     25 April 2024   •     No comment

10 Gifts for your modern and magical everyday mystical friends that will bring love and light into their lives! From ouija to sage and everything in between these gift ideas will have your friends spellbound with gratitude.

Mystical Gifts

1. Ouija print

Perfect for spooky season or even all year round, this Ouija print is an awesome way to embrace your inner witch while decorating the walls of your den.

If you know someone who loves Ouija, spirits and scary games, then this is a great gift for them!


2. Black Cat Lamp Table

Lovers of the mystical world generally appreciate black cats. In many cultures, a black cat is seen as a symbol of protection and good luck! This black cat lamp is extremely original and will add a very special touch to any decor.


3. Witchy Mystic Spells Socks

These socks with spells, candles and sword are just the right gift for your favorite witches.


4. Celestial Zodiac Art Print

This framable poster of the Zodiac signs is the perfect gift for someone who believes in the meaning of Zodiac signs. It will be a great addition to any home!

From $42,00

5. Roadtrip – Historic Haunts

Offer the gift of a surprise roadtrip that will allow you to experience something completely uncommon! It’s the perfect gift for fans of ghost stories. The tour starts in Cambridge, Ontario. There will be a total of 4 stops on your itinerary


6. MOOD Unisex T-shirt

This sweater, which honours Wednesday Adams, is perfect for anyone who loves The Adams Family and the Wednesday series.


7. Good Witch Coaster

Every good witch needs to have lovely pieces of magic in her collection. Why not gift your fave person this awesome Good Witch coaster so they can be in their element at home!

$10,00 each.

8. Palmistry Art Print

This poster is all about palmistry, the art of reading palm lines. If you know someone who loves to do this, or someone who believes in this practice, this print would make a great gift.


9. Incense Sticks – Oak & Sage

These incense sticks are a great Canadian product from Baltic Club. Several essences are available. Here we present the oak and sage essence, with notes of black tea and bergamot. You’ll find a total of 15 sticks in a box. On average, they burn for around 60 minutes each. Incense is the ultimate mystical gift.


10. T-shirt with Zodiac Sign

Get a t-shirt with your zodiac sign on it, or buy one for your bestie! You can choose the sign of your choice and it will be represented on the t-shirt with the image of the sign and the major themes that represent the selected zodiac sign.


*Prices are subject to change without notice

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