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10 Thoughtful and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas: Spread Sustainable Joy!

 By Lisa   •     06 July 2023   •     No comment

Eco-friendly and sustainable gifts are a neat way to show your loved ones you care about them while also caring for the earth we all share. Being eco-conscious in our gift giving process is a great mindset to have and if you are wondering where to start, we have curated a list of 10 thoughtful and eco-friendly gift ideas to inspire you!

Eco-friendly & sustainable gifting ideas

1. Plantable Greeting Card

Canadian company Flowerwink make a wonderful range of stationary, office supplies and greeting cards that are all eco-friendly!

We think these Plantable Greeting Cards are a lovely way to send your loved ones a special message with the added bonus of having the gift of wildflower seeds embedded in them. Once the recipient has read and admired their card they can then plant the seeds and in time, watch them bloom! Now that in itself is a pretty special gift that grows and grows.


2. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Being eco-conscious is something that can be incorporated into every element of our day-to-day routines. A great start could be with your skin-care or makeup routine with these reusable makeup pads.

These pads are made from soft fibres so they are kind to both your skin and the planet. Not only that, they also come with a wash bag so it is super easy to clean them time and time again. This would be a great gift for your bestie, Mom or perhaps even for yourself!


3. Konjac Sponge-Rose Flower

This is a great gift to send to your friends and loved ones for some self-care and skin-care love! The Konjac Rose Flower Sponge from BKIND is great for those with sensitive skin. It is made with rose flower extract which also is known to help reduce redness. These sponges are natural and vegan and after a couple of months, the sponge can even be composted! Really, when you purchase this product you are being kind to both the planet and yourself.


4. Bamboo Hairbrush

A great hairbrush is such a great self-pampering gift to receive. Haircare is made easy with the Bamboo Hairbrush by BKIND as it is made with wooden bristles that help to nourish your hair by working to evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils whilst also helping to increase the circulation in your scalp. Anyone who receives this gift will soon be thanking you for the gift of luxurious feeling hair!


5. Cucumber & Aloe Vera Natural Deodorant

Made in Canada, this all natural deodorant not only keeps you feeling and smelling fresh with it’s Aloe Vera and Cucumber ingredients , it is also free from parabens, sulfate and aluminium so it is great for your skin. Perfect for those who love to bring their eco-friendly lifestyle into their self-care routine!


6. Bamboo Baby Plate

Bring sustainable and eco-friendly products into your home from a young age with these super cute Bamboo Baby Plates. Canadian company, OLA Bamboo have a mission to reduce plastic waste by offering eco-friendly alternatives that are both affordable and easy to use! These are not only eco-friendly but also super practical with suction cup bottoms to make sure those plates stay put during meal times!


7. Ovopur Water Filter

Canadian company AQUAOVO are world leaders in Eco Friendly Water Dispenser and Water Filtration products which is what makes the Ovopur Water Filter a top of the range product for amazing drinking water always, at-home. Fresh, filtered water with every pour and this product design is also very aesthetically pleasing, a piece of art in itself! Drinking plenty of water is super important, and with this filter you always have a filtered glass of H20 near by!


8. Open Ring

The Cinderella Garbage pieces are all handmade in Canada and the stones are faceted with traditional lapidary art techniques ensuring the recipient gets the highest quality. They also have a strong focus on all of their pieces being eco-friendly. This stunning ‘Open Ring’ is from their Classic Collection and features two beautiful stones that are unique and chosen very carefully.

A piece of jewellery like this is a truly classic and timeless gift that any recipient would treasure dearly with great sentiment.


9. Reusable Cup

This beautifully designed cup is made from sustainable bamboo so it is an really amazing gift choice for those who love to be eco-friendly whilst also taking their favourites drinks with them on the go!


10. Cabins

This is an fascinating book for the person in your life who loves to learn, discover and read about eco-friendly retreats from all around the world that really highlight an eco-friendly way of life!


One of the great things about eco-friendly and sustainable gifts is the duality of giving your loved ones something thoughtful that you know they will love but also you are giving them the gift of being able to reduce their footprint and help care for the earth!

We hope you found some great ideas in this post and if you would like to seek out more gift ideas you can head here.

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