18 Unique Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $40

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As the family, friends and even workplace start to make preparations for the yearly Secret Santa gift exchange we have prepared a wonderful list of unique secret santa gift ideas for you that are all under $40!

In addition, Secret Santa is such a fun time! Waiting to see the look on your recipients face as they open the much anticipated gift you have gotten them. Indeed, bring the thoughtfulness into your gift this year with something extra special that you know they will love and appreciate! Whether you are searching for something for him or her, these gifts are universal and can be enjoyed by all.

Unique Secret Santa Gift ideas for Christmas

1. Barrel Aged Bourbon Maple Syrup

This is a great gift for any maple syrup lover who is intrigued and excited by all things maple.

Wabanki Maple are a 100% Indigenous female-owned company located on Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation). Morever, by purchasing their products, you’re getting to experience generations of recipies and maple making techniques.

This syrup can be enjoyed on it’s own or indeed in many exciting recipies, depending how the recipient wants to enjoy it. Marshmallow, Vanilla, Caramel, Butter, Sweet Oak and Maple flavourings make for a concoction of absolute deliciousness!


2. Let it Snow Gift Set

Keeping with the theme of delicious gifts, here is another scrumptious delight to offer your Secret Santa. There are not one but THREE amazing sauces to discover in this gift set. Spiked Eggnog Dessert, Gingerbread Caramel, and Peppermint Fudge Sauce. We are hungry just simply reading about them!

Any of these great flavours can be used to garnish and add flavour to the likes of cakes, ice creams or let’s face it just straight out off the spoon. For the person with a sweet tooth who is a real appreciator of food – this is just perfect to give.


3. Fast Wood Wireless Charger

Give the gift of a full phone battery with the eco-friendly Wood Wireless Charger by Canadian company GOWOOD. For those who love their tech gadgets and accessories this would be ideal. They will get constant use out of this incredibly practical gift.

GOWOOD are passionate about providing sleek designs while being sustainable and eco-friendly so this would equally suit those who are eco-conscious.


4. Calm The F*ck Down Soy Candle

Who doesn’t love a candle and even better a candle with a friendly reminder to ‘Calm the f*ck down”. Opening up Christmas wrapping to find this candle would bring a jolly laugh and a smile to anyone who appreciates a good joke.

Aside from being a fun candle for gift swap, this is also a great smelling. Hand-poured candle with aromas of relaxing vanilla and lavender.


5. Lucky Fortune Socks

Never doubt the popularity of a pair of socks at Christmas, they are a universal great gift that everyone welcomes. These Lucky Fortune socks are a fun way to treat your foodie friends, family or colleagues.

Just imagine how fun it would be to open these in the novelty take out box! A fun gift by any means.


6. Nordic Herb Kit

When trying to think of something special for the cooking enthusiast in your life why not get them the gift of new exciting flavours that they can make new dishes with?

The Floėm Nordic Herb Kit is a fantastic way to discover wild local products whether the recipient is just getting started in their cooking journey or consider themselves to be a pro they will be looking forward to preparing their next meal. The Nordic aromatic kit includes herbs that have been picked by hand in Quebec, selected with care and respect for the regeneration cycle of plants.


7. World Map Microfibre Towel

For those who just love to chill at the beach, or head to the lake the Microfibre World Map Towel is ideal for keeping them dry after a great swim! The towel design will have them pondering on places they have been while also thinking about the places they want to travel to next!

Whether they choose to bring it on beach days or camping trips, this practical gift will be a staple item in their travel kit!


8. Holiday Candy Box

For those who cannot resist a delicious candy or two or three, gift them a delicious delight with the Holiday Candy Box. From Snowmen to Christmas Wreaths & Trees to Snowflakes and even Christmas Bears, these flavourful Christmas themed candies bring the festive spirit with each taste!


9. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

There is nothing better than getting home after a long winters day than pouring a great tasting, homemade Old Fashioned. Those who love to think of themselves as an at-home mixologist will be thrilled with this cocktail box. It will allow them to whip up a classic, tasty Old Fashioned in no time.

Whether they are making themselves one or entertaining guests, this is sure to be a hit and a gift to say ‘Cheers’ to!


10. The Furious Notebook

For those who have pent up anger, stress or simply just lots of thoughts to put down on paper this is guided journal illustrated by Martha Rich can be a great tool for release! Sometimes it’s not easy to hold it all in. This notebook let’s the user rant, swear, ramble and release their anger through the means of simply writing.

Perhaps you have a loved one or even a colleague who just needs a good rave and rant about all the things that really annoy them. Gift them the Furious Notebook where they can unapologetically let it all out and feel better after!


11. Spicey Trio

A trio of Hot Sauces that are sure to spice up any foodies culinary explorations!

Some like it hot and some like it with a lot of hot sauce. For those folks why not gift them these delicious hot sauces. Their ‘Vertigo” sauce is a spicy green chillie mexican inspired sauce which pairs great with tacos, nachos or pizza. The Calypso sauce is more fruity and goes well with burgers, salads, fish and seafood. Finaly, their ‘Bollywood’ sauce which is one of the La Pimenterie’s original. It contains blends of spices, habanero chocolate peppers and even a touch of Bourbon.

There are endless recipies that these sauces can be added to that the foodie in your life will be looking forward to trying out. Winter may be cold but these hot sauces will certainly bring the heat to the kitchen.


12. Peppermint Holiday Gift Box

Perfect for a cozy winter’s night in, the Peppermint Holiday Gift Box is full of tasty treats! If your Secret Santa is someone who adores to sit back and chill at home with delicious treats then they will simply adore the festives candies and crunchy milk chocolate bar with puffed rice. To top it all off there is even a snowglobe ornament hot chocolate with two hot chocolate sachets to enjoy!

Whether they chose to dive into these surprises straight away or save them to indulge in on Christmas Day, they will be so thankful for such a delicious gift.


13. The Cozy Bundle

This Cozy Bundle by Chandler Honey is one for the honey lovers to enjoy this Christmas season.

Maybe they will choose to add these flavourful honeys to their favourite tea blend or on some pancakes or perhaps they will love them so much they will be eating them straight from the jar. However your Secret Santa wants to eat these delicious honeys they will be savouring every mouthful.

The great thing about gifting Chandler Honey products is that they are gluten-free, organic, nut-free and dairy-free along with being all natural and organic. Their honey is sourced from founder Tique’s parents’ farm in Alberta and hand-infused in Toronto.


14. Firebelly Tea – Top 10

Is your Secret Santa person a tea lover? Well they are guaranteed to be ecstatic to recieve the Firebelly Tea Top 10 set. Packed to the brim with Canadian company Firebelly Tea’s best rated flavours. There are so many to discover that your recipient will soon be finding their new favourite go-to tea blend.

There is nothing quit like a cup of tea when relaxing at home or when someone visits for a catch up. With this Top 10 variety box there are many cups of great tasting teas to be discoverd.


15. Gentlemen’s Foodie Gift Box

The men in your life will be wooed by the Gentlemen’s Foodie Gift Box. This box will have them excited to open up each product. Whether your Secret Santa is a brother, co-worker or Dad, this gift box is a great way for them to be encouraged to take some me-time. Afterall, life can be busy but there is always time for tasty snacks and pick me up treats that are a great mix of sweet and savoury.

From maple pecans to maple popcorn, hot chocolate and black tea carbonated water this a a taste sensation gift! Even the packaging is super classy.


16. Evergreen & Champagne Candle

Those who are big fans of all things Christmas season and candles alike will be excited to light the Evergreen & Champagne candle and have the aromas fill their home.

It’s true that a candle can really bring the relazing and cozy atmosphere in to any room of the home. T.Lees have produced a candle that emulates a freshly cut Christmas tree. In addition, there’s a little hint of spiced apple and citrus aromas. Scents like these can awaken memories of Christmas’ gone by or a memory of a winter outing. Whether being lit to set the mood for a relaxing bath or bring the cozy vibes while having friends over, the Evergreen & Champagne candle is sure to be a hit.


17. Ho Ho Ho – Gift Box

Shop moi ça are experts in putting together the BEST gift boxes that recipients love to dive in to!

This Box is just like Christmas in a box including three amazing products to treat your Secret Santa to. Perfect for a relaxing self-care night in. The recipient will be swept up in the holiday mood with a delicious hot chocolate while lighting the fir scented soy candle. There is even a balsam fir and cedar soap for treating your skin during bath or shower time.

When choosing a special gift for your Secret Santa why not choose to gift them the experience of self-care.


18. Time For Two

Coffrets Prestige Gift Boxes bring the fun into gift giving! You choose the gift box and your Secret Santa gets to chose the package they wish to treat themselves to. This is such a unique gift to give this festive season, your recipient will get to browse through lots of different 2 person experiences from microbrewery beer visits to gourmet brunch or there is even an exciting kayak experience they can choose if they are feeling really adventurous. These are just a few examples of what can be chosen there are lots to explore and that is part of the fun of this gift.

Whether your Secret Santa chooses to bring their significant other, their bestie or maybe even you, they are guaranteed to have the most wonderful time. Gifts like these are great because it is not often one gets to treat themselves to a day out while experiencing something new and this is a way to encourage such an experience! With over 80 packages to chose from they are sure to pick 1 experience to remember.


Finally, the season of gift giving can be such an exciting time especially when it somes to the fun of Secret Santa. These gifts are a great range of unique gifts that range from package experiences to gourmet food products, self-care items and more! To conclude, we hope this list has been a great help for you in finding the perfect gift and has made the search a little easier.

If you are looking for even more fantastic gifting ideas check out our other gift guides here.

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