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Gin Kit DIY – Make your own gin!

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The best DIY gin kit to give as a gift!

Do you like good gin? Good! We do too! Now, how about making your own gin at home with this beautiful and complete DIY gin giftset from a Canadian company? It's a big YES! Ginius bears its name well.

It's also a beautiful giftset to give to someone who loves this drink or a classy DIYer. 

The gin kit is easy to use and you only need neutral alcohol (or vodka, like this one for example) to make a recipe similar to Bombay Gin! The set allows you to create one bottle of 750 ml or 2 bottles of 375ml!

If you ever want to add some complexity to your homemade gin, you can macerate an American oak spiral for 2 weeks. This spiral adds flavor, aroma, color and complexity to your spirit. It's not included in the gin kit, but you can purchase it separately here. This is a nice way to use the kit on the 2nd time, after practicing once.

gin kit diy for gin lovers

It's a nice gift for a birthday, retirement, Father's Day or for Christmas!


This gin kit DIY includes: 

  • 2 bottles of 375 ml with cap
  • Funnel and strainer designed for filtration
  • 1 set Ginius juniper berries
  • 1 set of Ginius herbs and spices
  • 2 labels
  • Instructions
  • Box

* Refill available
** Neutral alcohol not included

Ginius Gin kits

The Gin kits from Ginius are GENIUS! You can now make your own gin at home with an easy-to-follow process that creates amazingly delicious results.

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  • Free shipping from $150.00

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