Table top fire bowl

Table top fire bowl

Giving a table top fire bowl to someone is a great & unique gift! For the long night inside or outside, this fire bowl will make it better.

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Giving a table top fire bowl to someone is a great and unique gift! It's a cool product from Luxury Fire Canada. For the long night inside or outside the house, this table top fire bowl will just make it better. With the clean gel fuel, it is very easy to use and refill. A great attribute to add to your decoration and for your parties to put at the center of the table.

Perfect to give as a unique gift to someone who doesn't have the space to have an outdoor fireplace. It's even possible to use it indoors or outdoors since it's clean-burning and odorless. 

A tabletop fire bowl like this one allows you to relax peacefully around it, read a good book or even roast some marshmallows! It's like camping at home.

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Luxury Fire Canada

Luxury Fire Canada is a family business founded in 2020 by Kristen and Andrew Merritt. They have a passion for outdoor living and love the ambiance that a quality fire feature can create in any outdoor space.

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Ms. Mabelle Gianan 2021-04-3 - 11:10 PM

If i ordered this here it can be sent with a note? I want to send a message together with my order. 2021-04-6 - 4:12 PM

Hey there,

Sorry for the delay, I was verifying with the site if it’s possible, and good news, yes it is!

To get started, visit that idea again:

Click on the buy button & place the order normally.

Once you have passed the order on their site, simply email then your order number with the note at this email:

It’s also possible that they have a “notes” field when you do the order on their site, pay attention to any text field where you can specify a message.

With these 2 things, you should be good to go!

Have a great evening,

The team

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