Firebelly Tea – Ultimate Starter Kit

Firebelly Tea – Ultimate Starter Kit

The Firebelly Tea Ultimate Starter Kit is packed with all the essentials one needs to experience a true elevation of amazing tasting teas!

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Firebelly Tea love to enhance their customers tea tasting experience by offering specially curated tea flavours that use 100% natural ingrediants to ensure that great, all natural taste every time. 

Their Ultimate Starter Kit has all the essentials including 3 of their most popular teas: 'Makes Good Sencha', 'After Dinner Mint' and 'Paradise'. To ensure your tea is steeped to perfection this kit also has a tea strainer with resting cup which stacks perfectly into the Firebelly tea cup!

For most tea drinkers, the process of making the tea and finding new flavours to taste is all part of the experience and with this kit they will have everything they need to take some time for themselves to relax, unwind and delve into tea heaven!


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The ultimate Starter Kit includes:

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Firebelly Tea

Firebelly is on a mission to bring tea into the 21st Century. No raised pinky fingers, granny-style teapots or fussy infusion techniques. We believe tea is for everyone because it feeds the inner fire that helps you focus, relax, rejuvenate and realize the potential of every day. So what does Firebelly bring to the table that all those other tea brands do not? We use only the highest quality, 100% real ingredients in our teas and never anything out of a lab because real flavour is always better than fake flavour. We also custom design all our own accessories with an equal emphasis on sleek, modern aesthetics and perfected brews and pours. We do all this because when you can taste the difference and feel the difference, you're more likely to make a difference.

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