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Sport Driving Giftbox (in Quebec)

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Know anyone who's always wanted to drive a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or even NASCAR vehicle? Make a childhood dream come true!

After a short training session with an expert they can be on the road and on the go!


Gift Idea Description:

  • Types of cars available : Ferrari 360, Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari F430
  • Cost : $139 + taxes
  • Insurance included in the price of certain packages (check with Coffrets Prestige)
  • Preliminary theoretical course 
  • Possibility to pay on location to extend the tour

This package allows you to choose from between the following 10 Quebec circuits:  

  • Icar Expérience : driving a Ferrari F430 or a Lamborghini LP560 (available circuits: Mirabel, Québec, Cayuga (Ontario), Woodbine (Ontario)) - 2 tours of the track
  • Vortex Racing : driving simulation
  • Course Vintage : driving an authentic Mustang
  • Motocross Deschambault : Motocross Location
  • L’Académie Andrew Ranger : driving a Nascar car on one of the following circuits : SANAIR or Autodrome Chaudière
  • Stock-Car Jean-Paul Cabana School on one of the following circuits: SANAIR, Autodrome Chaudière
  • Centre Aventure Mattawin : a half-day snowmobile ride (possibility to have 2 people on the snowmobile)
  • Matane Motosport : 2 hour snowmobile initiation

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